Microsoft Ads for Dealers

March 1, 2023 12:00 pm CST


Background of sMedia

Erin provided background information about sMedia, emphasizing their extensive experience in the automotive ad tech space since 2011. sMedia’s growth and recognition as a Microsoft Advertising Partner, Google Premier Partner, Meta Business Partner, and a founding member of the Automotive Standards Council for GA4 were highlighted. They have worked with dealerships across North America and expanded their reach to include dealerships in New Zealand.

Key Benefits

  • Anya outlined the key benefits of using Microsoft Automotive Ads, including:
  • More Volume: These ads offer greater volume and complement existing tech stack campaigns.
  • Performance: They perform exceptionally well alongside text ads, resulting in efficient CPCs.
  • Flexibility: Advertisers can layer dynamic retargeting and optimize campaigns using various levers.

Rich User Experience

Anya emphasized that Microsoft Automotive Ads provide users with a richer experience by offering comprehensive vehicle information, including make, model, pricing, pictures, mileage, and range. This enhanced user experience leads to higher click-through rates and better-quality clicks.


A significant advantage is the automation inherent in Microsoft Automotive Ads. They use a feed-based system to populate ad content and determine when to serve ads, eliminating the need for specific keywords.

Global Reach

Anya highlighted that Microsoft Automotive Ads are globally available and support in-market audiences, remarketing options, and negative keywords. The same feed can also be used for automotive marketplace listings.

Customization and Control

Advertisers can customize ad attributes to highlight unique dealership features and full control over bidding strategies.

Support for Various Vehicle Types

Microsoft Automotive Ads support various vehicle types, including motorcycles, boats, Powersports, and trailers.

Optional Business Place Linking

Anya clarified that linking campaigns to business places on maps is entirely optional and unrelated to the product.

Alignment with Google VLA

The presentation noted that Microsoft Automotive Ads support many of the same column names as Google VLA feeds, making it easier for those already using Google VLA feeds to transition.

Conclusion of the Webinar

Anya concluded the webinar by welcoming questions from the audience and reaffirming that Microsoft Automotive Ads provide a powerful tool for dealerships to advertise their vehicles effectively.

Key Takeaways

During the webinar, several essential points were highlighted:

  • Rich Feed Attributes
  • Audience Affluence
  • Cost-Effective Advertising
  • Broad Reach
  • Diverse Ad Placements
  • Success Metrics
  • Budget Recommendations
  • Device Usage

Microsoft Automotive Ads were presented as an effective and cost-efficient advertising solution for dealerships looking to reach a broader audience, particularly those with high intent to purchase vehicles.

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