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Engage the next generation of auto buyers
Tap into TikTok’s vast user base of 1.5 billion users, where the future of auto buying lies. GenZ & Millennials on TikTok are influential in households with high-frequency vehicle purchases, making it the perfect platform to find car shoppers.

Dynamic TikTok Ads

Harness the Power of Your Inventory

Our TikTok Dynamic Conquest Ads utilize your dealership’s vehicle inventory to create captivating video ads. These dynamic videos showcase your vehicle inventory, ensuring maximum visibility and fresh content for your brand. Dynamic Ads are designed to match users’ unique preferences and behaviors, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion. 

Tailor your ad campaigns with catalog sets categorized by new, used, certified pre-owned, aged inventory, or even specific year, make, or model. While smaller sets might impact campaign effectiveness, we recommend running separate campaigns for new and used inventory as a best practice, budget permitting.

We create dynamic TikTok ads featuring your dealership's inventory, tailored to user preferences for higher engagement.
We offer personalized TikTok ads for dealerships, matching user interests to boost engagement and conversion rates.

Personalized Ads

TikTok's advanced targeting capabilities allow dealerships to create personalized inventory ads, tailoring content to match user interests and behaviors. This approach ensures that potential customers see the most relevant vehicle listings, enhancing engagement and the likelihood of conversion.

Our TikTok video ads help dealerships showcase their personality and values, fostering trust and connection with audiences.

Humanize Your Store

TikTok's engaging video format offers dealerships the unique opportunity to showcase their personality and values, bringing a human touch to their brand. Through authentic, creative content, dealerships can connect with audiences on a personal level, building trust and relatability.

We leverage TikTok's 1.5 billion users to extend dealership reach, using dynamic ads for enhanced visibility among GenZ and Millennials.

Maximize Your Reach

Leveraging TikTok's expansive user base of 1.5 billion, dealerships can significantly extend their reach, especially among the influential GenZ and Millennial audiences. The platform's dynamic ad formats, like Dynamic Catalog Ads, enable dealerships to showcase their inventory creatively, maximizing visibility and engagement with potential buyers.

Our detailed reporting tracks dealership campaign performance, enabling data-driven optimization for maximum investment return.

Detailed Insights

Your dealerships can track campaign performance through detailed reporting, enabling data-driven decisions and optimization for maximum return on your investment

Reach your Customers

The Benefits of TikTok Ads

Video Shopping Ads offer a dynamic, in-app shopping experience, showcasing live inventory in captivating videos. 

With TikTok’s growing role as a search engine, your ads gain increased visibility, tapping into the platform’s vast user base for maximized lead generation.

Learn More about how sMedia’s TikTok Platform can capture you more leads and drive your dealership sales.

Our TikTok Ads target specific ZIP codes with dynamic Video Shopping Ads, enhancing visibility and lead generation for dealerships.
Learn more about how sMedia’s TikTok Ads Platform can capture you more leads and drive your dealership sales

Track Record

The Results Speak for Themselves

Check out the impressive results of our customers’ campaigns below to see how sMedia can help increase conversions and drive sales for your dealership.

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