Smart Offer

Present personalized offers to sales, service, & parts shoppers
Smart Offer empowers dealerships with a user-friendly, customizable lead generation tool that increases conversions and sales.


Capture leads and drive sales

Smart Offer enables dealerships to create personalized, versatile, and timely offers, maximizing lead generation and boosting sales with its user-friendly, customizable platform.

Smart Offer capture leads for automotive dealerships.
Personalize offers, advanced targeting; drive sales for vehicles, products, services.


Create and test personalized offers using advanced targeting and segmentation techniques with Smart Offer. Tailor the experience for potential buyers or sellers, and drive sales for vehicles, other products, and even services.

Smart Offer: Timely incentives, advanced targeting for maximum lead generation.


With perfectly-timed delivery and advanced targeting, Smart Offer presents relevant incentives to prospective customers when and where they are most likely to convert, maximizing lead generation.

Efficient marketing: Smart Offer's interface builds, customizes, and deploys offers.

Time Saving

Smart Offer’s user-friendly interface enables dealerships to quickly build, customize, and deploy offers, streamlining the marketing process and saving time on campaign execution.

Flexible tool: Customize content, capture, appearance, and rules for campaigns.


Our tool offers extensive customization options for creative content, capture fields, form appearance, and display rules, allowing dealerships to tailor their campaigns to their unique objectives and needs.

How it Works

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Build Your Offer

Add your creative still or video, customize the capture fields and look of your form, or add a redirect link to create a personalized experience.

Enhance with media, customize form, redirect for personalized interactions.

Timed Delivery

Display your offer on any web page or in your chosen VDP group. Set rules like timing and frequency to create a custom experience for potential buyers.

Show offers on web pages, VDP groups; customize timing, frequency.

Convert Traffic

Smart Offer supports button replacement, qualifying questions, and multiple form types, allowing you to take control of your lead forms and convert shoppers into leads.

Versatile Smart Offer: Various form types convert vehicle shoppers into leads.
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Track Record

The Results Speak for Themselves

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