GA4 Setup Best Practices & The ASC

July 1, 2023 12:00 pm CST


Webinar Overview

This webinar’s core objective was to equip attendees with valuable insights and actionable recommendations, enabling dealerships to assume control of their analytics and harness the full potential of the GA4 platform. 

Key Topics Covered

Erin outlined seven pivotal topics that were comprehensively addressed during the webinar:

Choosing the GA4 Account

  • The paramount importance of selecting a GA4 account as the “source of truth” for analytics.
  • Emphasizing the need for dealerships to maintain data consistency and historical accuracy.

Property Settings

  • Detailed guidance on configuring GA4 properties, encompassing naming conventions, industry category selection (e.g., “Autos and Vehicles”), and precise adjustments to time zones and currency settings.

Data Retention and Filters

  • Significance of data retention settings, enabling the extended analysis of user-specific data (up to 14 months).
  • The critical role of filtering internal traffic to ensure data cleanliness and accuracy.

Linking Ad Accounts

  • Exploring the benefits of linking ad accounts to GA4, enhancing insights into campaign performance.
  • Highlighting the elimination of guesswork in assessing results through this connection.

Search Console Integration

  • Touching upon the advanced option of integrating Search Console with GA4, particularly valuable for SEO providers or website partners.
  • Noting that this integration may already be in place for some.

Event Tracking

  • Underlining the significance of event tracking, focusing on monitoring user interactions, such as button clicks or form submissions.
  • Stressing the pivotal role of proper event tracking in gaining profound insights into customer behavior.

UTM Parameters

  • Outlining the role of UTM parameters in tracking campaign performance within GA4.
  • Underscoring the importance of correctly leveraging UTM parameters to monitor the success of marketing campaigns.

Additionally, the webinar covered crucial aspects related to keyword data, account access control, Measurement ID, event tracking, conversions, marking events as conversions, viewing conversions in GA4, Automotive Standards Council (ASC) recommendations, ASC membership, taking ownership of GA4 data, and tools for GA4 management.


In conclusion, Erin reiterated the essential nature of taking command of analytics to make informed decisions and optimize dealership marketing endeavors. The webinar served as a valuable resource, delivering insightful guidance and practical recommendations, empowering dealerships to navigate the dynamic world of digital marketing confidently.

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