Microsoft Ads Platform

An all-inclusive advertising solution to outperform the competition.
Microsoft Auto Ads and Dynamic Search Ads combine advanced targeting, custom ads, increased coverage, and bid optimization to maximize ROI and boost vehicle sales.

Microsoft Auto Ads

Accelerate Your Reach

Boost vehicle sales with Microsoft Autos Ads, utilizing advanced targeting and custom ads to effectively reach your prospective customers. Maximize campaign performance with real-time analytics for increased ROI and sales growth.

Reach engaged customers: Microsoft Auto Ads target active auto searchers, related interests.

Advanced Targeting

Microsoft Autos Ads reaches qualified customers that are already actively searching for automotive products and services, as well as those interested in related topics.

Real-time tracking optimizes campaigns, boosts results, enhances ROI for dealerships.

Real-Time Analytics

Track and measure campaign performance in real-time, allowing dealerships to optimize ad campaigns for better results and increased ROI.

Reach buyers: Microsoft Auto Ads span desktop, mobile for comprehensive engagement.

Cross-Device Reach

Microsoft Autos Ads connects with prospective buyers on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Display inventory on Bing, MSN, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Microsoft Edge platforms.

Extensive Reach

Find shoppers Google doesn’t see. Showcase your inventory on platforms like Bing, MSN, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Dynamic Search

Revolutionize Your Marketing Reach

Boost vehicle sales with Microsoft Dynamic Search Ads, offering relevant ads, increased coverage, and advanced targeting to connect with potential customers. Maximize your advertising ROI through automatic bid optimization, driving dealership growth.

Relevant Ads

Microsoft Dynamic Search Ads uses machine learning to generate highly relevant ads based on your website content, targeting users searching for products or services.

Increased Coverage

Automatically target a wide range of keywords related to your business, boosting visibility in search results without additional manual work.

Advanced Targeting

Reach your ideal customers based on their interests, behaviors, and demographics, ensuring your ads connect with viewers.

Bid Optimization

Microsoft’s machine learning algorithms automatically adjust bids based on ad performance, maximizing your return on investment.

Drive sales: Microsoft Dynamic Search Ads offer relevance, coverage, advanced targeting.
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