Why Your Online Campaigns Might Not Be Converting Shoppers to Buyers

July 19th, 2023

Every marketing manager runs into it from time to time. Poor response. And now the owner and general manager are breathing down your neck. 

What misfired? Was there a snappy photo? Yeah. Was the message concise? You consider it a bullseye. And the recipient list was so diverse, there’s no reason for the phones to be dead and the salespeople playing Minesweeper in the showroom.

Not every marketing campaign is going to be as resounding a success as you think it will be. But when it doesn’t go to plan, where do you look to figure out what went more sideways than James Dean on the drift circuit? The data.

Five Metrics to Check First on a Lackluster Campaign

You can always trust the data to give you an honest, often painful, picture of what’s happened on your campaigns. You can turn to these five metrics to get a pretty good idea of how you can adjust this campaign or work out the next one. 

Conversion Rate
If your conversion rate is in the low single digits, then people just aren’t following through with what you’ve asked them to do. They aren’t submitting a credit app, requesting info on a car, or clicking through to your site. Now, you’re never going to appeal to everyone, so it’s natural to have responses in the single digits, but if you’re barely breaking out of the decimals, there’s a problem.

Is the campaign displaying correctly? Are there spelling mistakes or unclear language? Or maybe your call-to-action is… well… bad. 

Click-Through Rate
If people aren’t clicking through from your campaign in numbers that meet your expectations, you might as well be lighting your money on fire. It’s an indication that the campaign doesn’t have the appeal you thought it did, which is why A-B tests are so important. Or, it could be you cast too broad of a net and you’re getting an appropriate response rate for the real audience – it’s just being diluted in a deep pool.

Bounce Rate
When you’re getting click-throughs but the bounce rate rivals a trampoline, that means your shoppers aren’t seeing what they’re expecting to. It could be a dreadfully slow website that’s aggravating them, or more likely, the content on the landing page is off-target. Make sure you’re sending the campaign link to a landing page that’s appropriate so it doesn’t seem like a bait-and-switch.

Cost Per Acquisition
You want to know how much it costs you to acquire one new customer through your campaign. High CPA could indicate that your campaign is expensive compared to its return on investment. But why? Maybe you’re in a channel that’s too costly, or maybe the way you’ve targeted the campaign could be refined better. It’s time for an adjustment.

Lead Attribution
Which channels have been successful in converting shoppers to buyers? It’s no secret that some perform better than others, especially depending on the product – and it’s true for automotive. If one of your channels is doubling or tripling the response rate of the others, why bother investing in the low-performing channels at all? 

Attributely gives you the power to understand where your customers are coming from and how to target them better. Want to see how much difference it can make for your store? Contact us today for a demo or to find out more.

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