Pitfalls of Display Advertising

June 13th, 2022

How to get better results from your display advertising.

You’ve seen them; Banners that pop up over your YouTube videos, the square image that we ignore on a recipe blog, or worse yet, the ad that takes over our entire screen when we’re trying to read a news article online. Even if you dislike some kinds of display advertising, they CAN BE a very efficient and effective way to create brand recognition and drive traffic to your site from various places across the internet when set up correctly. 

So how do you tell if your display campaign is set up incorrectly if you don’t have access to the ad account?

Google Analytics should be your first stop. 

  • A high bounce rate and/or low session duration from your Google CPC traffic source are your first indication that something isn’t right. 
  • Add City as a secondary dimension to these campaigns to find out if your traffic is coming from notorious bot locations like Coffeyville. 
  • As a final check, you can add Operating System as a dimension in your Google CPC Source/Medium view, most traffic coming from bots will be coming from a Linux OS versus Apple or Windows. 

If you’ve hit a check mark on all of the items listed above then it’s time to make some changes to your display campaign set-up or consider an alternative like Google’s new Performance Max campaigns


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So what should you change in your current display ads to get better results?  

  • Add Audiences to your campaign, use retargeting, customer lists, and in-market audiences to ensure you’re only showing to relevant shoppers.
  • Add Topics and Topic Exclusions – make sure to exclude anything outside of your country or continent, and anything that may hit outside of your demographic or brand. 
  • Use Placement Exclusions – exclude placements on games and children’s sites to keep your placements relevant. 

It’s important to keep in mind that Display Advertising is not always about traffic, there can be value in impressions delivered as long as they’re delivered to a targeted audience in relevant, viewable places. 


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