Microsoft Auto Ads are now available!

July 11th, 2022

Microsoft Auto Ads are now available at sMedia!

Microsoft Auto Ads replace simple blue links with personal, visual, intuitive, and adaptive ads to create a better consumer experience for your shoppers. Show relevant inventory at every stage of the buyer’s journey on the Microsoft Network. 

These inventory shopping ads get your vehicles in front of shoppers on Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go search engines, as well as ad placements on MSN, CBS Sports, Fox Business, and Outlook.

Reach Higher Income Shoppers! Microsoft Network audiences are shoppers who are more mature, with higher incomes that are more likely to spend. In fact, they spend 35% more than Google Audiences.

Do you want to try search without the worry of a big budget? Microsoft Auto Ads have a lower CPC than Google, as well as a higher CTR! These ads are perfect for any dealer who wants an efficient and effective way of getting their inventory in front of captive audiences.

Microsoft Auto Ads are found on the right rail in search, the SERP mainline, MSN & Edge info panes. To ensure the efficiency of the ad placements on Microsoft, sMedia’s autonomous scraper guarantees that whatever is on your website today – will also be represented in your ads. Plus, no keywords are required!

Microsoft Auto Ads beta-testing results have been impressive!

  • Average 6-15% incremental click lift 
  • 3-8% incremental conversion lift
  • 28-40% lower CPC than non-brand targeted text ad
  • Average CPC: $0.51
  • Average CTR: 0.21%

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