Kia Canada Dealers can leverage big benefits with sMedia’s participation in the Digital Advertising Program. Kia Canada dealers benefit from Kia’s very generous coop program, but they also have the opportunity to connect their data in powerful ways, improve their customer experience, and find new audiences with TikTok.

sMedia provides very competitively priced digital ad packages that include virtually any ad you could want on a single platform.

Including: Google Search, Google Performance Max, Google Vehicle Listing Ads; Meta (Facebook & Instagram) retargeting, conquest, and display ads; Microsoft Search and Microsoft Auto Ads. We offer these with a low flat fee + 4.99% on ad spend.

Kia Canada dealers who subscribe to sMedia services will also have access to a Performance Dashboard, and regular meetings with their Customer Success Manager (CSM). Your CSM will work in partnership with you and the dealership team to evaluate results based on measurements the dealership values, make adjustments in order to improve performance, and make recommendations to improve the customer experience.

We’re all-in on your success.

Outside the coop program, you can also take advantage of our business intelligence attribution platform, Attributely, at an upgrade cost of only $250. Connect your sales data, ad platform data, and performance analytics in a single dash. You’ll be able to understand the customer journey, determine ROI on your marketing, understand what sources are generating sales influence, and even know how much you’ve spent marketing a specific unit.

Need more? How about getting your inventory on the world’s fastest growing entertainment platform? Dynamic TikTok ads are in beta, and sMedia is one of a handful of exclusive partners offering these ads in partnership with TikTok. Get your vehicle inventory in front of TikTok’s massive audience, with sMedia!

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Get more out of your ad spend, get better reporting, and benefit from our customized, customer first approach. Partner with sMedia today!