How To Unlock Opportunity on the Microsoft Network

July 18th, 2022

Every week on “Behind The Wheel” we look for an opportunity to provide some value to dealerships, and this week is all about real opportunity. Like how to reach new audiences with that all-important factor… money to spend. The Microsoft Network is a platform that allows you to advertise on Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Bing, MSN, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, CBS Sports, Fox Business, and Outlook. (Some placements are not available to Canadian advertisers). 

Commonly overlooked by automotive marketers, the Microsoft Network is more valuable than most think. Let’s dig into why this might be an opportunity to generate more conversions for less.

“So why aren’t more people talking about Microsoft?”

Good Question. Part of it is simply that Google and Facebook are huge. Both platforms boast large audiences and we have a tendency to think that bigger is best. While audience size is important, it’s not the only thing that matters in digital advertising. Effective audience targeting on a low competition platform like Microsoft can often achieve similar if not more efficient results. “Best” is subjective,  and dependent on your budget and the audience you want to get in front of.

Part of the answer might also be, “how old are you?”.

Microsoft Network Audiences trend toward shoppers that are more financially mature, with higher incomes that are more likely to spend. They spend 35% more than Google Audiences on average.

U.S. Microsoft Network Audience Statistics:
(Percent of the audience to which the bullet point applies)

  • Married (59%)
  • Planning to purchase a car in the next 90 days (58%)
  • College Graduate (57%)
  • Household income in the top 25% (52%)
  • Over 45 years old (33%)

*Source Statistics Canadian stats are available here as well

“Mature Audiences” doesn’t mean that Microsoft is only good for Boomers that buy Lincolns, but if that is a familiar audience you look for, Microsoft should be in your mix. 67% of shoppers are 45 or under, so this isn’t just your dad’s Oldsmobile audience either.

Bing does collect less personal information than Google and is more attractive to privacy-conscious shoppers. 

Interestingly – as Microsoft products are the default (including Bing) on new computers, anyone that doesn’t bother with downloading a new browser is always presented with Microsoft Network options first.

Alexa and Siri both use Bing to search the web. 

This is why Microsoft Ads beats Google Ads in the voice search market. By the end of this year, 50% of all searches across the internet are expected to be voice-based. The use of smart speakers is said to increase to 55% by the end of 2022.

So how can the Microsoft Network help you generate more conversions for less?

  • Microsoft faces less competition on its keywords than Google, which allows for a lower CPC (average of $1.54). This means you pay less to target audiences with more disposable income.
  • Facebook is known for having a more efficient CPC than Google. Bing has a lower average CPC than Facebook’s $1.72.
  • Microsoft has a smaller network than Google, making it less saturated with less competition. You are far less likely to be competing in astronomically high ad auctions just to get in front of a shopper. With lower search volume, you can test campaigns more efficiently and successfully.
  • Microsoft Ads has an advantage over Google in allowing advertisers to target shoppers based on their specific device. 

How can I leverage Microsoft Network Audiences?

There are multiple ways to leverage the network, sMedia can help you with Dynamic Search Ads and Microsoft Automotive Ads.  

Microsoft Dynamic Search Ads put dealer’s in-stock inventory in front of affluent shoppers when they’re searching.

Microsoft Auto Ads has efficient ad placements that rely on regularly scheduled, accurate, dynamic data feed files. These ads are perfect for any dealer who wants an efficient and effective way of getting their inventory in front of captive audiences.

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*Source Statistics

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